I Not Playing!

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Hey Darlings,

Morning, Evening, Night Night and all dat.  Depends on when you read dis.

So here is the 4-1-1 – As of tonight, August de 10th of this year, I have decided, after reviewing the 2011 presentations of various bands, as well as, taking in consideration of the lack of my wallet’s growth, I have decided NOT to play mass for 2011.


Now, this can change at anytime. I am not saying that this is the final decision of me not playing Carnival next year.  I really did take my time reviewing and consulting my pocket wallet.  In addition, after discussions with my liming girls, we came to the decision that we would attend two or three All-Inclusive fetes, instead of jamming it for two days on de road.

(sniff sniff – On de Road, my sweet Road! *sigh*)

And to help with my wallets’ depressed state, I might consider doing some Make-up artistry for Carnival next year.  This idea is currently being discussed.

Now that Carnival preparations have started for some, many making their selection(s) from their respective bands, please remember to put aside a little something for the kitty.

Now on to the second part of what Chrisnival is about.  Christmas.  It’s before Carnival.  So the thinking wheel should start to turn, on how to make this Christmas, just as successful as past holiday events.

NO, it is never to early to start planning.  If you thought last year was a struggle to bring in that Christmas feeling and cheer, this year, you might find it an impossible thought.

But if you plan ahead, tighten your belt to the point of a Barbie doll, you can very well be, the early worm that catches de Santa.

On a different Note: With school vacation on its way to a close and book lists in hand, it might be a great idea to give those tum tums a good clean out.   That is what my mom did to me.. Ewwww on the Senna Pod.


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Outch, de Carnival bug bite Meh! Not de other Bug!

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Morning, Evening and when ever ya start to read dis ting.

Hello folks, MJ here.  Yes, de Malicious one.  It’s Friday!  Praise fadda!  I thought this day would never come. Fus this week was long.  Pressure!

So today, I made the official switch on my Coby Radio, to one of the local radio soca stations, hoping I picked the one with less advertisements and BAM, BING, BOOM – music for Crop Over 2010 hit meh for six.

If I was at a cricket match, I would have raised meh arm to confirm dat hit.

My first words after hearing de first lines of de first was song was – WHAT is DIS?  Like ah Denise Plummer wannabe, I swear, all de music  is about WINE.

Not de sweet liquid in a bottle that comes from grapes or rice, my foreign traveling friend.  But de rotation exercise of waist, hips and buttocks, that transcends you to create de Caribbean posterior.

Listening some more I notice my posterior was doing  just that. It was moving.  Images of taking a chip or a wine round de Savannah in meh costume, sweat jam-packed bodies moving as one, I realise, de Carnival bug hit meh. FINALLY!!

At first, I prayed it was just de Carnival bug and not the infamous Dengue mosquito, that is sweeping through the West Indies in droves, dropping people like flies. NO JOKE ON DIS FOLKS.

We have three (3) confirmed deaths, two (2) un-officially confirmed, and one pending confirmation as reported from the 12noon news.

(Yes, you remember, de programme dat does come on at 12noon called de news. It’s like papers but it’s verbal reporting)

Anyways, as the day wore on and my body was doing a happy jig in its seat, I came across a song from Vincy Carnival that won this year’s Road March.

This one song seems to be getting a lot of airplay and after hearing it a few times in the past weeks and again today, I rather enjoyed it and saw it as a sweet jump-up session for next year’s carnival.

Providing it survives till then, it’s the song – The Kings Road, the Road March winner for St. Vincent Carnival 2010, by a fella named Maddzart.

Take a listen and tell meh wat ya tink –

“http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6LaPheVJdg8″ – You Tube – The Kings Road by Maddzart

I hope the above link works. If not – chalk it up to Webpage Blues.
You can find this song, via copy and paste –

With that, I have said my peace and it’s now back to your regularly  scheduled liming programme.    Have a Happy Friday & Weekend darlings!  Don’t Drink and Drive and watch out for dogs, children and old people.

This is MJ and Ya don know.

*wining in de seat with cautiousness, ensuring de boss-man doh see*

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Same Old, Same Old

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*sighing hard as if  I’m watching a goal-less football match*

Evening, morning, and whatever time you read this.  MJ here. And No, not de King of Pop. May he rest in peace.

I have just read the latest update on one  of my favorite websites for all things Carnival – www.trinidadcarnivaldiary.com and I had to sigh at the latest pictures on the newest band for 2011 – Oasis.

For some reason, I immediately looked at the feathered creations and realized I have seen them before in previous years. I almost did a double take and had to recheck the photos I was seeing.  Nevertheless, my comments will be given at a later post, once their camp opens for viewing.

Another new band on the scene is Woi Mass and their presentation for 2011 – Skullduggery. First off, love the theme.  It even gave me the vibes of a Tree Canal song of hope and old time revelry, with the mixture of Minshall’s Midnight Robber and Salem’s festival of the dead.

Their website www.skullduggerymas.com, shows colourful illustrations and names, which would prompt anyone to read the book -  Cote’ ce Cote la .

*digging the book out for smiling purposes only*

With camera in hand, I will definitely be visiting this band within the weeks ahead and pray that it sparks my Carnival spirit with some much needed Trini voodoo.

Another band that has given me a little nudge in the spirit department, is the band YUMA.  Again, Yuma will be paid a visit, along with Harts, Spice and Tribe, since those bands are set to launch soon.

Yes, the (CCS) Carnival Costume Shopping begins.  But with one exceptional challenge for each of the bands - Will they move the MJ to pay and play with them?

This is Malicious Jade and Ya Don Know

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Carnival 2011 – My Huh?

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Evening, morning and all that jazz. Hey guys. Yes, it’s me. I am back.

To give you the four-one-one on where de *clearing throat* I have been, here is the skinny -

1. Stopped shopping for awhile. Except for few Make-Up items, magazines, books and music CD’s.  Nothing for Carnival, Christmas nor for the first half of the year. And instead of wasting text and your eyes, I prefer to state – Silence is sometimes golden.

2. After playing with Spice this year, my push for 2011 has slowed down greatly.  Hey, it’s not my fault. Money is tough and my brain prefers to spend money on the things that pertain to my career, studies or things that I love. Yeah, like that $5.00 dollar honey lip gloss I got at WW.

3. Carnival 2011 – The spirit itself has slowed.  It could be the economy or the fact that I no longer place Carnival on my top 10 things to look forward to. Go Figure!

For the past few weeks, band launching has started off with a “huh feeling” for me.  I had hoped with viewing the few costumes online, the beads, the glitter, the energy, that it would start my Carnival engine.  Unfortunately, my engine has stalled.  I am now faced with the question – I’m I playing mass next year?

It’s almost as if I have to “Eat, Love and Pray” Carnival. (Yeah, plan to see the movie and read the book)  But even so, the incentive to run like a crazy lady to the nearest spirit gum store, has lost it’s appeal.

With the upcoming band launching of Spice, Harts and Tribe, questions from my wallet screamed at me tonight  -

1. Are you willing to spend another $4,000-$5,000 for a costume?

2. Is it worth paying that much for one now or is the pay off going to be seen during Carnival? That is to say – Will you be able to maximize your Carnival experience with next year’s increased budget outlook? Or, will you really be able to enjoy yourself on a tight budget as before?

3. Are you playing by yourself again or are you going with a crew or your BFF?

That last question will be addressed at a later post. For now, the big question is -

Should I or shouldn’t I play mass in 2011?
Is the Carnival spirit still alive?
Do I really need to spend that much next year?

The saga begins!

This is MJ and Ya don Know

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I’m I Up Yet?

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Ok I should be upset, down right angry and totally in shoe pelting mode.  But the heat took out my swinging arm, so pelting is out of the question.

So the question I have for today, March 16, 2010, about two months of stressing and patience, waiting for the entire site to be upgraded to the site’s new format, pulling out my hair to the point of no return for hair growth is -


I will post again later today to see if this works out. If not, Adios blog site, hello new site.  So keep your fingers crossed.

This is MJ and YA DON KNOW!

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Happy New Year 2010 – Carnival Here Again!

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Hello my darlings, 
Happy New Year 2010.

Yes, its me. Still here!  I had decided in early November, while the host site was quote “getting fixed up”, that I would take a little break to prepare for Christmas and focus on getting things prepared for the coming new year.  But things did not go according to plan and in the mists of getting my home robbed, a death in the family, my dog being very ill and a few family members also under the weather, Chrisnival had un-intentionally taken a bush bath, opps, I mean vacation and decided to start the New Year off on the Eve of Carnival’s first advertised Fete – Fire Fete (carded for Saturday 9th January 2010.)   

Since the last time I posted, Chrisnival has its very own Facebook page, so you can check out Chrisnival’s very wacky count down of Christmas and new posts for Trinidad and Tobago Carnival Season  2010.

With everything finally ironed out and with that being said, I just wanted to say – Hey, MJ here,  I am back now and wanted to state my thoughts of the previous year and this New Year 2010.

First off, Happy New Year to Everyone.  I can’t say I enjoyed the year fully as from February of last year, your girl has been ill and almost missed out on Carnival 2009.  This has switched my focus off of Carnival and on to more serious health related issues. 

But, we must all look at the silver lining.  I got to take a break from  Carnival, even though it was not to far away from my thoughts, but also it has made me alot more serious about my health and not to take a little thing like the flu for granted.  

As for the coming new year, the Carnival Diary is being marked as we speak and Chrisnival’s radio made the automatic switch to SOCA music, as of January 1st, 2010. With Christmas decorations coming down this weekend, and Carnival in the air with the first BIG Fete, aka FIRE FETE tomorrow night and Chocolate City launching today I believe, (Check Facebook and Website for details) the count down is on.

Notice something different – No Countdown?  Yes, that and all was lost last year.  But we will be up and running this weekend.  So, for now, you have about 5 weeks to be in some sort of shape, to handle the riggers on the road of Monday and Tuesday.

1st Suggestion for 2010 – Start wearing your Carnival Boots from NOW. Your Feet will Thank You!

This is Malicious Jade – Happy New Year and Ya Don Know.  

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Testing! Testing!

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Testing, Testing! 1,2,3.
If ya see this, then, the problem has been fixed. 

This is MJ and I’m in the fix it room.

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89 Days till Christmas – Create-A-List Pt. 2

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Part 2 – Create-A-List Weekend

Now that you have an idea of what you would be doing this Christmas, it is time to create the lists:

You can do this many ways, but I like to keep it simple:  NOTE:  These are sample lists and are not the true representation of what you must do. However, it will give you an idea of what to keep in mind, during your planning process.  Customize it to suit your NEEDS.

1. EVENT LIST – If you have events to go to or plan for, dedicate a page or note pad for this.  Example:
Christmas Office Party:
Time: 7pm till

No Invited: 30 – (RSVP needed) – Invitations to be made and date for sending and deadline date for receiving RSVP (put contact number and name),  gift bags etc.
Names of ALL: George, Mimi, Selena, Boss man, Boss man lady, invited guests, etc.

Venue Information:
- Date, time and space available
- Usage of A/C, lights, fans, venue’s decorations i.e. Plants, PA system (may have to be rented), bathroom facilities etc.
Rental of  Equipment: eg. Table, chairs, cutlery, music, PA system, etc.
Food and drinks: Include ushers, servers, parking attendants (If needed)
Entertainers – (If Needed)
Host -
Invited guests to speak -
Gift bags etc. etc.etc.

2. GIFT LIST – Each section with the names of everyone you plan to give and the supplies needed:-  Example:

Mom – 2 books, 1 John Doe CD
Dad -  watch or tickets to event
Brother – Gift card

Mimi- Chain
Lala- Perfume
Geotie – Pair of Nike’s – YEAH RIGHT!  CONVERSE!  *LOL* Yeah, not going to happen!

Boss – BEST BOSS Mug
Secretary – a pray book
George from Accounting – chocolates

Supplies Needed:  How many Cards (8-14)  Tags (17-20) Gift Paper, (sheets – 30) Bows – (pk 30),  scotch tape, ribbon, scissors, additional tags and paper, gift bags 10-14 (3 small, 8 med., 3 Large) and Kite paper (20 sheets).

BUDGET: Put the amount of money you cater for the above, with a little extra just in case you run over.

3. FOOD LIST: – Things you have to make:

Baked Ham: – Amount – 2 (Christmas and New Year’s Each) Wight:  (10lbs) & (8lbs) 
Date for Making: Week 4 – Date of making
Ingredients: The amount per ingredient item, etc.
To be purchased – Week 3, Deadline date – 3 days before date of making.
Supplies: Pans, foil, etc.

Black Cake: – Amount – 6 -  For: Home (2 – Size 9″) Grandma (1 – Size 9″ ) Friends (2 – Size 8″) Office (1 – Size 10″)
Date for Making: Week 4 – Date of making
Ingredients: Ya know how ya make black cake. If not, when I am making my set, I’ll post the procedure.
Supplies: Baking sheets, pans, Food processor, Cake boxes (Amt. 6-10), etc.

Ginger Beer: (same planning as above)
Sorrel: (same planning as above)

Etc. Etc. Etc.

BUDGET: Put the amount of money you cater for the above, with a little extra just in case you run over.

You see how it goes.  I would add in two more additional lists:
- CLEANING LIST: Itemize each area of the house, with each room, giving details on what duties needed i.e. Painting, fixing etc. and WHO will do these things!  That means you Dad – change de lightbulb in de hallway that has been out since February!

- CARD LIST: Create a list of – Names, correct addresses, cards, postage, date for posting in advance etc.

Once done, MARK your CALENDARS! For the above, take some time to mark your shopping days for each List Item (not forgetting sales and store savings) and deadline dates for the completion of all.  Select a cut off date/time for having ALL duties done, with the few exceptions of items that would need making and baking on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

Included in this, mark the days you wish to have a DAY OFF – That is, select days and book appointments for rest day activities – Manicure, pedicure, movie day, etc. with family and friends (if they are available).  Even redeem some gift cards that you may have received during the year, provided they have not yet expired.  While ya at it, look for things that you might want to use for Carnival.

I believe, if you plan well, your Christmas would be stress free.  IF all else fails, just remember what the true meaning of Christmas is.  It’s the Lord’s birthday.  It’s a celebration and a relaxing time with family and friends.  Remember that. 

This is Malicious Jade and Ya Don Know

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90 Days to Christmas – Starts TODAY!

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Morning, Evening or whenever you are reading this:

Hey Folks, ok, I know I know, this bird got up late and got problems after problems to post.  But I tink I fix dat.  Anyways, it is exactly 90 days to Christmas starting today. And even though my thoughts were to start for the full 100 days, following one of my favorite radio stations, Sweet 100 in TNT, it would have meant starting it much earlier than the radio station’s count down, as my plans involved having a full 100 days leading up to Christmas Day rather than ending on December 31.

But small ting!  IT is never too late to start.  It’s 90 days still Christmas Day.  Plenty of time to plan AND not get stressed.  The idea for this weekend is to actually print out and create the neccessary lists needed for a stress free and relaxing Christmas time.

The Reason -
1. Have you ever been caught a few days before Christmas, now getting curtain for the house, bags in your hand like a market lady and no transport in site?

2. Ever had the experience of being in the thick of making black cake or pastels, only to find that you are missing an ingredient or you ran out of a one, and having you rush to the supermarket, packed with people, just to get ONE item, only to get home, tired and fed-up to the point where – You want to fling it out the door?

3. Ever caught yourself getting last minute gifts, extra wrapping paper, or ya couldn’t find de scotch tape ya buy and ya have to head out for scotch tape, only to find something else and forgetting to get it and having to go out to get it again?

4. How about that Christmas party/house party ya getting ready for, but ya so tired trying to prepare for it that you spend all your time in the kitchen, (still in ya house clothes) rather than spending time old talking?

5. Simply put – ya do every single thing Christmas Eve night – and this happens:
a) Electricity pole not working and you just happen to be the only one on the block without lights for the whole day, resulting in no ham cooking and possible food spoilage.
b) Robbers damage your property trying to get away and you there wondering – How to fix dis?
c) Ya get a great deal on a large chicken only to find ya cooking it for hours because the chicken you happen to have gotten was an old bird. 

YEAH!  If ya think No. 5 situations did not happen, sorry to tell you, but each item in No. 5, happened to me and my family, each situation a different year.  Hence you see why this blog was partly created.

So this is Create-A-List weekend.  Every list ya think you need in order to prepare and have a stress free Christmas.  How to go about it?  Make a list for your Lists:

1. Start by making of list of activities you would be part taking in, i.e. Christmas gathering, Office Party, Christmas dinners or fetes.
2. Items you would be making i.e., black cake, pastels, cookies, cakes, decorations
3. The number of people you would be buying/making gifts and even helping out this Christmas.

Once you have an idea of what you are dealing with, it is then and only then, would you be able to create the necessary lists for the various activities and, even put in time for relaxing events like a manicure, a massage or even a movie or two. 

IT may sound extreme, but, do you really want to stress out your head because you didn’t get to the dry cleaners in time, and your HOT dress is having a party, hanging out at the laundry mat?

This is MJ and Ya Don Know
PT. 2 Next

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Christmas is in de Air and So is de BUDGET!

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*singing* – Yard fowl pecking in an open yard, Vat 19 soaking fruits for so, it’s been said, many times, many ways, Plan ya Christmas from now!

Did you see it folks? YOU must have seen it!  De commercial from Sears – Christmas Gift Card so ya can start ya Christmas shopping early.  Or did you pass by West Mall recently and take a look at de DH Gift store.  Decorations and wreaths. 

Yes, Christmas is here.  ALREADY?  LAWDO!!  Not to mention, Carnival band launching on stream and it is no wonder, with the clash of two, you might be wondering – WHERE de MONEY for all of DIS?

How ironic that we talking bout Christmas, Carnival and money all in one LINE.

Here is where de Ironic part comes in!

As you would have seen in the previous post, on Monday 7th September 2009, we had New York’s Labor Day/West Indian Parade.  Trini well represented. From food to costume, making one wish it was February already.

On this very same day, Trinidad and Tobago had their reading of the BUDGET for the year 2010.  It should have been – TNT’s LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT FOR PRESSURE for 2010!!!  In an immediate effect, RUM and alcoholic drinks, both local and foreign, increased in price.  Local alcoholic drinks by 15% and foreign drinks by 30%.  Which means, when next ya have family coming, ya better have them check de Duty Free Shop for ya.  Duty Free better dan nuttin!

As soon as I arrive back home, I noticed the change. Not only in the supermarkets self, but prices also increased in the Duty Free shops themselves.  Shiver to tink how much it was outside, I took a spin Friday morning, to de local supermarkets and was FLOORED!  Bailey’s, MY BAILEY’s 1.75ml – $404 and change.  I didn’t even write down de price. FUS I was floored. 

So WAIT, HOLD UP!!  If drinks increase, how much ya tink de cost for an ALL-INCLUSIVE FETE will be?  WAIT WAIT!!  Plus a Property Tax they want to issue to de people starting in January 2010. NAH!

Here dis, I will pay for my costume and enjoy de scenes from the local TV stations and call dat george.  Might even have to look for housing in Woodford Square.  At least I will be there ready for Carnival.

NUFF SAID. I gone with dat one.

This is MJ and People, TREMBLE

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